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No Code Platforms

uMobi Solutions Corporation specializes in building No Code mobility solutions to address specific business efficiency challenges within client organizations. With over 100+ person years of research and development, uMobi delivers high impact solutions in the area of enterprise mobility collaboration and communication.


uMobi currently serves clients across geographies in various different industry verticals such as:

  • Manufacturing 

  • Financial Services

  • Banking

  • Insurance

  • Education

  • Utilities

  • Retail 

  • Healthcare

  • Transportation

  • Logistics

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Agro-Marketing.

uMobi’s global team of domain and technology experts help deliver solutions tailored to suit customers across geographies and verticals.


Empowering Teams, Maximizing Success

Elevate team performance with a mobile-first powerhouse. Transform frontline warriors, streamline middle management decision, and supercharge senior leadership. Empower your workforce with a high efficiency all in one collaboration platform


Incident Reporting Simplified

Simplify Incident reporting for frontline workforce with fewer clicks to capture vital information instantly. Use incident reports to maximize risk management efforts and drive down your total cost of risk.

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